Ab Doer Twist Reviews

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The Ab Doer is an abdominal workout device that has actually been around since 1997. A newer version of this device was released in 2009, Ab Doer Twist, which integrates a turning motion from a seated position. This abdominal workout equipment is created to tighten and tone the waistline of the body. It likewise assists to decrease the size of your waist. All this is accomplished while in a seated position and without any pressure on the spinal column unlike standard abdominal workouts.

Developed by a renowned fitness coach, John Abdo, the Ab Doer Twist makes sure that your body presumes an anatomically steady position once seated on the equipment. It assists you to tone your muscles and do aerobic training at the same time in a sitting position. The exercises that can be performed on the Ab Doer Twist aid to exercise the muscles of the outer and inner hips, buttocks, and thighs. Using the Abdominal Doer Twist, the core muscles, obliques, and the lower back muscles can be exercised. All these muscles are used efficiently with less anxiety and pain making use of Ab Doer Twist.

Ab Doer Twist - Features

Abdominal Doer Twist is basically a swivel chair with a seat that can rotate 360 degrees. It has two deals with that you can grab and hold above, below or at your shoulder level.

The Abdominal Doer Twist is made from heavy gauge steel and the arms of the exercise device are contoured ergonomically to get rid of tension on the upper and lower bodies. The back of the Abdominal Doer Twist has a foam roller that provides a therapeutic massage every time you use it. The Torsion Flex Technology included in the equipment activates numerous muscles while supporting the back. Rotating the arms of the equipment in downward and upward instructions tones the shoulders, arms, triceps muscles, deltoids, upper back and chest muscles. The hand grips are likewise contoured for having a simple grip and efficient arm and upper body action. The core support column of the machine is made to create extra resistance for comprehensive fat burning and higher levels of challenge for the muscles. The resistance dial on the seat is utilized to enhance the resistance on legs, hamstrings, butts, obliques, and hip muscles.

The Ab Doer Twist is simple to put together and can be assembled within mins of opening the box. When not in use, it can be folded and put away. The Abdominal Doer Twist can be utilized by women, men, and children who are little and big. It is designed to hold weights of approximately 300 pounds.


I am 51 and have had the Abdominal Doer Twist for just a week. I desired to enhance the adaptability in my back considering that I have arthritis and I have also had two hip replacements. During this first week I lost 4 lbs and observed losing inches on my hips. I purchased the Ab Doer Twist due to the fact that the resistance rods were included. Due to the fact that he weighs much more than I do, I am utilizing the # 1 resistance rod and my husband makes use of the # 3. We both like the equipment and would advise purchasing it. It is an enjoyable work out.

J. Dalton

I had the original Ab-Doer for many years. When I bought the brand-new Ab-Doer Twist, I was familiar with how it worked I am in my 50's and use the Ab-Doer to help stretch my back and for general toning of my mid-section. I have actually constantly had good results with this device. Thank you.

What You Get When You Buy the Ab Doer Twist.

You can purchase the Abdominal Doer Twist from http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004G7D5GO. Along with the acquisition of the Ab Doer Twist, the purchaser is entitled to a Quick Start Guide, a brochure for accomplishing increased results, A Healthy Eating Plan guide, and 3 unique educational DVDs by John Abdo for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Nonetheless, the contents of the package deal could differ according to the country of purchase. The product comes with a 30-day cash back guarantee, however the shipping and handling charges are decreased.

I recommend Ab Doer Twist if you are in a situation where you really do not have the time to head out to a gym to work out and are on the lookout for an exercise machine for the abs that is compact enough to be stored in your home.

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